The History of Social Networks

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Most users of social networks are convinced that Facebook and Twitter have always existed. And if you are of those who are aware of how young they are both platforms I’m sure only a small and select group of them remember when Google did not exist. We should look at the history of social networks and the Internet to understand.

Yes!! Google, the search for excellence not exist. And more than one will then ask How we found the information?And if we go a little further, sure many young people would know not live without Google.

Internet is much older than recent history, even if it is true, its use has nothing to do.

Do we do a bit of memory?

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We will have to go back to the last century and think that was just computers. Calculating machines were designed to perform complex tasks or research and not as vehicles of communication, as we understand it now after years ofHistory of Social Networking and Internet.

It was in 1971 when the first email was sent between two computers. Some think the prelude spam, and while a wry smile, yet there are people who advance misuses it.

But the email should not be considered «social» as it was really a peer communication. Born seven years after the first social network or as by that time it would brand, the first to see that some members of society were known, interact and share knowledge and experiences on a network: Birth of the BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) through lines Phone in 1978 (see more in Wikipedia ).

An important detail that many have gone unnoticed them Internet did not exist yet, it was all communications through telephone lines.

Then came one of the highlights of our recent history in1982 and we are not talking of the World Cup in Spain andNaranjito. The TCP / IP protocol is defined and created Internet. A year later there is a first server with tens of site names.

The following years the growth in number of sites is exponential: In 1984 there were only 1000 computers, 1987 totaled 10,000 and just two years later more than 100,000 machines were integrated into Internet. Remember the cost of computers and their size at the time.

Among middle came IRC (Internet Relay Chat) a communication protocol based on text, where many hackers began to learn the benefits of this amazing system.Were rooms where the manager had the power to cast kicked who does not follow the same rules or simply resented what he said (see more at Wikipedia ).

If anyone was imagining that only had 100,000 Internet sites was wrong, but not in the way you think, but on the contrary. Until 1991 is not publicly announced the World Wide Web, the three W to go before domains and subsequently shortens.

1992, ten years after the creation of Internet connected computers had 1,000,000. In 1993 born the first browser history: NCSA Mosaic and Wandex was an index of web pages.

To be able to talk about social networks, even through there were other communication systems, we must talk about GeoCities, born in 1994 and was distributed by «neighborhoods». It was then that began to appear numerous free hosting services, early advertising banners and websites users.

At that time, some users were already using 33,000 baudmodems, overpriced and eternal connections via free providers as Terra, Eresmas, etc. time in which to connect to the Internet had to call a number with a password.

Two years later, in 1996 the present writer, wrote his first website, the first lines in HTML posted on the school website with jokes he had found.

In between, in 1995 was born one of the major search engines we have known: Altavista, and you could say it was the inspiration of Larry Page and Sergey Brin , when in1996 they began a project in college called BackRub.

1997Born AOL Messenger, really in Spain hardly noticed her arrival but across the Atlantic was a before and after.Here most were using IRC as a communication system.Something more evolved but still very much alive. At the same time, the project BackRub renamed to something more interesting and recognized worldwide today: Google.

September 27, 1998 – Date to frame since it was launched when first Google . It does not take long to oust its competitor and gradually were taking «new tools».

1999MSN Messenger Windows appears and is a revolution in networks because for the first time in Spain we began to know what is now the Internet, a direct connection, no calls and started flat rates for telecommunications companies.

In 2000 occurs before and after crucial for Internet and connected world we live now: The dot-com bubble.

2002: Born the first portal to make friends called Friendster,reaching the not inconsiderable figure of 3 million users in just three months.

From this point everything is accelerating, everything known hitherto changes and hatches internet.

2003 sees the light MySpace trying to copy the idea Friendster including forums and web hosting.

That same year naced several websites that have slowly been adapting to market needs, we discussed, among others Linkedin or Xing. Websites that have evolved in 2011 in social networks and in the case of the first and the professional social network for excellence on the Internet.

2004 is launched for the first time platform that today is the quintessential social network Facebook.

2006 After seeing the success of Facebook , Twitter creates a new concept not seen until later referred to as microblogging.

In the last ten years, not just Twitter, Instagram (2011),Pinterest (2011) and many others have populated areas where Internet to communicate, share photos, feelings, knowledge etc.

Born 2015 Socialcom not a social network, but a service to better understand this scenario and apply it to business or professional recognition strategy.

Our aspirations are focused on customers, providing them with the tools needed to grow and monetize investments made in advertising, Community Managers, Influencers, Webmaster, etc.

A new service based on the concept of quality and professionalism that has an industrial engineer applied to social networks and the Internet. So far no technicians have been left out of this «social» world. Surrounded by large professional social networks but so lonely and misunderstood technical, partly for lack of networks and for fear that sharing Internet knowledge make us expendable.

With that premise born Socialcom, to support all but especially the more technical fields, they need to speak their language.

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